Best Animals Camouflage in Nature

If you look past cities of chrome steel and concrete, into the real world, the original world, you will see the color green everywhere. It is the predominant color in the natural living world. Set against the brown and grey bedrock that is the mineral earth, green is the vibrant contrasting color of life.

Green is most obvious in plants, leaves on trees, and grass underfoot, which get their colors from the presence of chlorophyll. However, it is also present in animals, lizards, amphibians, and even insects, which evolved these features as a way of camouflaging with the predominant foliage. Even the waves of the ocean take on a green tint in the right light, and the waters of a still pond can become coated in a blanket of olive-toned algae. This makes it the color of life, and growth. It is often associated with fertility, regeneration, and healing. Green is naturally healthy and active it is constantly growing and changing. Yet it is also soothing, like sitting in the midst of a forest, with streams of sunlight shooting down the canopy, and the gentle chatter of a thousand living creatures creating a tranquil buzz in your ears.

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