How to Make a Leather Holster for a Revolver

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a leather holster to hold a revolver. It will be made from the same piece of leather that you would use to make a regular gun holster. The holster must have the same shape and size as the revolver. To create a perfect sized holder, you need to draw a template of the curved part of the hammer. Once you have this template, you will be able to design the holster.

how to make a leather holster for a revolver

To start making a holster, you must measure the size of the weapon. A small revolver holster will fit into a smaller handgun holster. For a larger revolver, you may want to make a larger thigh gusset holster. A large hammer and a metal mallet will work as well. You can use a circular nail file to create the molded holster.

First, trace your template on the smooth side of your leather. Ensure that the front side is facing up. You will need two pieces of leather – one for the front side and one for the back. Use a sharp knife or leather shears to cut out the front and back portions of the holster. Remember to cut the leather on the straightest line so that the holes are evenly spaced.

To sew the holster, you will need to thread the leather with two different colors. Once you’ve found the right color, it’s time to stitch the main components of the holster. Then, cut the remaining thread and make sure that the back side has the shiny side of the holster. The final step is to turn the holster around so that the leather is secure.

Using the holster template, trace the holster’s front and back sides. Be sure to use the front and back sides of the leather. Then, use a sharp knife or leather shears to cut out the parts. When the pattern is finished, you’ll need to trim the edges and stitch the lines of the holster. This step will keep the holster in place.

After you have completed the holster templates, the next step is to sew the main components. Then, you’ll need to sew the leather tab to the main holster component. Both pieces should be sewn together in a similar fashion. Afterwards, you need to attach the belt slot to the front and back. After the holster is done, you can cut the remaining thread to the front and back sections.

Once the front and back parts of the holster are finished, you’ll need to sew the sides together. The front and back parts will be sewn together in the same way, while the back will be sewn separately. Then, you’ll need to make the belt slots. After the belt slots, you can finish sewing the remaining components of the holster.

To finish your holster, you need to sew the front and back leather parts of the revolver to the main component. Then, you will need to stitch the front and back pieces to the main component. Once the holster is complete, you can sew the belt slots and the strap with the remaining thread. You can then use the rounded edge beveler or X-Acto knife to cut the outer edge of the leather.

Once you’ve cut the front and back pieces, you can use an X-Acto knife or a leather hole punch to cut out the front and back pieces. Once you’ve cut the holster, you need to trim the ends of the leather. You should leave a little extra thread for the belt slots. You should use this thread when sewing the holster.

Once the holster is shaped, you need to apply the filler to the interior and outer sides of the holster. The inside portion of the hid should be lined with a ring that fits the revolver. When the top is finished, you can glue it to the front and back with a glue gun. While it will take some time for the leather to dry, you can finish it by using a sewing machine.