Gold Recovery

Recovery of trace gold from complex waste streams

Gold is widely used in many fields, especially as the demand for gold is increasing with the speed of updating electronic products.

As a result, many researchers hope to find ways to efficiently recover gold from waste.

Recently, researchers from the School of Chemistry and Materials of Jinan University reported for the first time metal-organic framework (MOF) materials connected by carbon-carbon double bonds, which were named Jinan Materials (JNM).

The researchers investigated the adsorption properties of the material for [AuCl4]- in aqueous solution in detail using JNM as an adsorbent.

The results showed that the adsorption amount of JNM for gold increased with the increase of the initial concentration of gold ions.

The maximum adsorption of JNM-100-AO for gold reached 954 mg/g at 1000 ppm, which exceeded most of the reported MOF materials.

Also, JNM showed good cyclic adsorption performance, maintaining highly selective adsorption removal of gold ions even in the presence of high concentrations of interfering ions.

Related research was published in Nature Communications. (China Science News)

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