Peking Union Medical College Conducts Questionnaire Survey

Peking Union Medical College conducts the second round of questionnaire survey on new type of coronavirus infection

According to the Weibo microblog, the first round of the questionnaire survey on “New Coronavirus Infection”, commissioned by the National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention and conducted by Peking Union Medical College, was completed on December 21.

About 470,000 people participated in the survey, and the related results are being statistically analyzed, which will provide an important reference for national prevention and control decisions.

The second round of the survey was conducted on December 25 at 18:00 hours – December 27 at 24:00 hours.

To improve the representativeness of the survey, Concordia Hospital said that all people are welcome to participate in this round, regardless of whether they are infected with the novel coronavirus and whether they have already participated in the first round of the survey.

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