The surface of Mars was once covered by oceans

The surface of Mars was once covered by oceans up to 300 meters deep

Most researchers

agree that there is water on Mars, but how much water there is remains controversial.

Now, a study by Danish scientists suggests that about 4.5 billion years ago, there was enough water on Mars to form even a 300-meter-deep ocean, which would have been enough to cover the entire planet.

The related paper was published Nov. 16 in Science Advances.

The researchers came to these conclusions from a Martian meteorite formed billions of years ago, which is less geologically active and which is part of the planet’s original crust.

The new study suggests that the oceans that cover the entire planet are at least 300 meters deep, and possibly as deep as 1,000 meters.

This water came from the impact of icy asteroids.

These asteroids also brought molecules vital to life, such as amino acids, to Mars.

Whereas the Earth collided with another Mars-sized planet at that time, and there was no possibility of life being born.

So long before Earth, Mars had the conditions for life to be born. (Surfing News)

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