Wireless Smart Bandage

Wireless smart bandage that actively promotes wound healing

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(image source:Jian-Cheng Lai, Bao Research Group/Stanford University)

Chronic wounds such as diabetic ulcers and burns are difficult to heal and often cause great pain to patients.

A recent article published in Nature biotechnology shows that researchers have developed a wireless smart bandage that can reduce scar formation, promote wound healing, and monitor the progress of wound healing.

The smart bandage consists of an electronic layer and a hydrogel layer.

The electronic layer is only 100 microns thick and consists of an antenna, a microcontroller, an electrical stimulator, and a biosensor.

It is mounted on a hydrogel layer that is adhesive and peelable by heating.

The biosensor is able to monitor wound healing and infection through changes in the skin’s electrical conductivity and temperature.

When slower wound healing is detected, the smart bandage promotes the activation of cellular anti-inflammatory and growth genes through electrical stimulation, and encourages more anti-inflammatory macrophages to migrate to the wound, thereby promoting healing.

This research provides a new type of automated treatment, and although there are still many obstacles to its practical use, the researchers believe it could bring much convenience to chronic wound patients and health care.

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