Novel Coronavirus Causes Long-Term Loss of Sense of Smell

Novel Coronavirus Causes Long-Term Loss of Sense of Smell

After the acute phase, most people’s sense of smell returns within one to two weeks, but in some people, the loss of smell lasts for months or even years.

Recently, a study published in Science Translational Medicine revealed the reason for the long-term loss of smell caused by Neocons.

The scientists analyzed samples of olfactory epithelial cells from 24 people, including nine patients who experienced long-term olfactory loss after infection with Neocrown.

They found that neostriatal leads to massive tissue invasion by immune T cells and this immune response persists even after neostriatal virus cannot be detected from the body.

The researchers suggest that the T cell-mediated inflammatory response persists in the olfactory epithelium even long after neostriatal virus is eliminated from the body.

This may have damaged olfactory nerve cells located in the olfactory epithelium, resulting in long-term loss of smell.

However, after repairing this abnormal immune response, olfactory neurons seem to still have some repair capacity.

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