The 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Computing Power 500 ranking is released

The 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Computing Power 500 ranking is released

According to China Science News, the AIPerf500, a ranking of the world’s artificial intelligence computing performance 500, was released at the 4th China Supercomputing Conference (ChinaSC 2022) held on November 15.

This conference was co-sponsored by Yunquan Zhang, a researcher at the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wenguang Chen, a professor at Tsinghua University, Pavan Balaji, a researcher at Argonne National Laboratory, USA, and Torsten Hoefler, a professor at Zurich Laboratory, Switzerland, in association with the ACM SIGHPC China Committee.

This is the third time that AIPerf500 has been released.

AIPerf, known as AIPerf Benchmark, is an artificial intelligence computing power benchmarking program jointly developed by Tsinghua University and Pengcheng Laboratory.

AIPerf has proven to be effective in evaluating the AI computing power of computing systems and is an effective supplement to the gap in the field of AI computing power evaluation of large-scale computing systems.

The list shows that the two previous AIPerf500 winners, “Pengcheng Cloud Brain II”, continues to top the list, with an AIPerf score of 194,527.5 TOPS.

It is followed by a new generation of Shenwei high-performance computer with an AIPerf score of 53,704.5 TOPS.

The three smart computing systems developed by Luen Thai Cluster took the 3rd to 5th places, and the smart computing devices developed by Shanhe Intelligence, Chinasoft International, Beijing Super Cloud Computing Center (2 units, 8th and 10th places), and Tsinghua Tongfang (Light of Qingcheng), occupied the 6th to 10th places on the list. (China Science News)

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