China’s space station dream sky experiment module 8 science cabinet one after another to start

China’s space station dream sky experiment module 8 science cabinet one after another, will soon begin in-orbit testing

According to the CCTV news client, with the successful launch of the Dreamsky Experiment Module and the successful completion of rendezvous and docking, the Chinese space station “T” word basic configuration in orbit assembly is completed.

At present, the Dreamsky Experiment Module 8 scientific experiment cabinets power on one after another, will soon begin in-orbit testing.

Among the 8 scientific experiment cabinets loaded in the Dreamsky Experiment Module, the high-precision time-frequency scientific experiment system occupies two seats, and there are three ground systems in Xi’an, Beijing and Shanghai to support.

The high-precision time-frequency experiment cabinet is the most complex experiment cabinet in the space station.

After its official operation, it will become the world’s leading space time and frequency generation and operation system, providing a research platform for related precision measurement physics and high precision time and frequency signals for related engineering technology applications.

Zhang Shougang, director of the National Timing Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said we have made a more detailed in-orbit test program

This program will take about one year, the first stage is to confirm its state, optimize its parameters, and to test the orbital test program.

This will take about 180 days

In the remaining 180 days, the performance of the space payload equipment, including the atomic clock, will be tested and evaluated.

After completing these actions, it will enter into regular operation and carry out relevant basic research and engineering applications. (CCTV News)

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