Nasal Spray New Crown Vaccine

Xiamen University led the development of “nasal spray new crown vaccine” approved for emergency use

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Image source: Xiamen University

According to the official website of Xiamen University, on December 2, the nasal spray influenza virus vector New Crown pneumonia vaccine (hereinafter referred to as “nasal spray New Crown vaccine”) jointly developed by Xiamen University, the University of Hong Kong and Wantai Bio was approved for emergency use after the recommendation of the National Health and Wellness Commission and the approval of the State Drug Administration.

This vaccine is one of the five technical lines of emergency attack for the new crown vaccine in China.

It is also the world’s first nasal spray vaccine to be approved for clinical trials.

This vaccine, administered by nasal spray, mimics the natural mode of infection of the virus in order to form a first immune barrier against neo-coronavirus invasion in the respiratory tract.

Clinical trial data show that the nasal spray vaccine provides good protection against disease caused by infection with the Omicron variant, both as a primary and sequential booster immunization.

  • It has a 100% protective efficacy against serious diseases of hospitalization and beyond.
  • It has a 67% efficacy of protection in more symptomatic cases (with 3 or more symptoms associated with neocon) in people with no previous history of immunization with other neocon vaccines.
  • it had a 55% protective efficacy against all symptomatic infections, including those with only mild symptoms
  • The relative protective efficacy of sequential booster nasal spray versus booster with placebo in people with a history of prior immunization with inactivated neo-crown vaccine was 63% in more symptomatic cases.

It also has outstanding broad-spectrum protection benefits against mutant strains other than Omicron.

This could complement each other with the mechanism of systemic protection induced by intramuscular neocrown vaccine as a way to form more comprehensive protection. (Xiamen University)

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